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Studies show up to 82% reduction in road accidents in commercial vehicles. Safe Driver ratio increased from 15% to 60% after 2 years.


Easy & seamless installation. Protecting your fleet & enhancing drivers' driving is immediate,you can see immediate improved results & benefits.

Atilze Connected ADAS Device

High Tech

Technology from 450+ world class engineers dedicated to leveraging the newest technology such as AI, deep learning & crowdsourcing.


Data from the sensors are uploaded securely to the cloud based Fabrick platform to track key events for further driving analysis and improvements.

Accidents Statistic


road accidents in Malaysia


deaths in 2017


million ringgit in lost per year

The advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) can help avoid road accidents. Studies by the Malaysian Institute Road Safety Research (MIROS) tell us that 80.6% of road accidents were attributed to human error while only 19.4% were the result of road and vehicle conditions. ADAS provides continuous monitoring of vehicle and its surroundings, automatically alerting driver when dangerous conditions are detected. These include Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Pedestrian Collision Warning and Speed Limit Warning. Through the early warning system, drivers will be able to immediately take corrective actions to prevent collisions and accidents; thus reducing loss of lives and assets.

Connected-ADAS Is Scientifically Proven To Improve Driver Behavior

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Vision-based technology

Towards Autonomous Driving

Pedestrian Warning Icon

Pedestrian Warning

Warns driver to avoid any pedestrians detected in front of vehicle.

Lane Departure Warning Icon

Lane Departure Warning

Visual & audio alerts when unintentionally deviating from lane.

Collision Warning Icon

Forward Collision Warning

Warns of imminent collision with vehicle, up to 2 seconds before collision.

Speed Limit Warning

Speed Limit Warning

Recognizes traffic & speed limit signs to notify driver if above speed limit.

Know Your ADAS

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Sistem Amaran Pertukaran Lane (Atilze C-ADAS)

How Connected ADAS-Works For You

Atilze C-ADAS Collision Avoidance System

Connected ADAS Safety Fleet Seminar 2018

Testimonials from Seminar Participants

Demonstration of Connected-ADAS in Malaysia

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